Values education in practice

The many and constant changes we are forced to face in our contemporary world are producing a general state of uncertainty that crosses all sectors and environments like family, school, work. One of the possible and promising ways through which we can try to cope with the counterproductive effects, is to invest in an education with an intercultural approach, capable of integrating the principle of respect for differences with the principles of equity and social responsibility.

There are things that have to be “learned” from a very young age because they help us to become accomplished people: respect for ourselves, respect for others and the acting with care.

The aim of AVAL was to provide pre-school and school teachers with tools and guidance that helps them to teach children how to develop a deep commitment to values in a way that is appropriate for their age group (0-3, 3-6, 7-11) to create habits in the children that determine any performance in the future, a transfer of values that remains in the long term that extends during all their lives.

With the Project “AVAL: Added VALue Learning for Preschool Teachers & Pedagogical Coordinators” we provide easy to adapt classroom activities, appropriated to the three different age group, on the field of ethical values, societal and democratic values and environmental values. The 50 developed modules are available in several languages (Spanish, Hungarian, Greek, Slovenian, Romanian, Italian, German), both online and to download in pdf and print.

Besides the Handbook, we have created a manual for teachers and parents as well as guidelines for introducing values education in the kindergartens and schools.

Training Materials in English