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D-TRANSFORM project- 2016 01 20

Public Digital Policies in Higher Education: A comparative survey between Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom

The D-TRANSFORM project is a first attempt to set up a "University Leader Program" at the European level, addressed to university presidents and vice-presidents on the role of e-Education in shaping University strategies.


The project team is to publish a series of surveys about digital transformation of higher education in Europe providing:

  • the state-of the art on national policies
  • the analysis of business models
  • the implementation of Open Educational resources

The surveys will be included in a final report making recommendations for university governance concerning e-learning as a lever of transformation of higher education in Europe. The 1st survey focuses on a comparative analysis of national policies for university digital transformation, implemented since the beginning of the 21st century. The main outcome of the survey is that no generalization is possible. While all policies can be categorized within the general trends of the digital transformation, the dynamic of each higher education system puts different actors at the centre, according to the general logics of the systems. The challenge is then to produce conclusions that allow each partner country to engage in a transformation adapted to its own national context.

The report can be downloaded in English and French from the D-TRANSFORM website:


STAY IN - 2014 07 01

D-TRANSFORM - 2015 03 30

Launch of project website

The D-TRANSFORM project is a first attempt to set up a "University Leader Program" at the European level, addressed to university presidents and vice-presidents on the role of e-Education in shaping University strategies. It gathers together specialists of e-Education from various institutions (University, higher education ministries, consultancy in learning innovation, e-Education networks) and primarily considers that digital technologies, like Massive Open Online Courses, (MOOCs) and Open Educational Resources are an essential lever for transforming the higher education systems and adapting them to the new needs of youth and requirements of work-market (lifelong training).
D-TRANSFORM intends to produce recommendations on various aspects of a university strategy on the use of digital tools. Based on these recommendations, D-TRANSFORM will set up two “leadership schools”, dedicated, for the 1st time in Europe, to the university governances.
We are pleased to announce the launch of the official D-TRANSFORM website:


STAY IN - 2014 07 01

Piloting at BME, Hungary

The piloting process of the STAY-IN platform at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics has started in February 2014 and involves users from the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics and the Student Center. The platform intends to assisst to the already existing student support system at the University with its several available functions. The students will be able to make any request concerning the help they need: in e.g. study, financial, psychological, administrative issues, etc. One can imagine a site, where the student – after registering – is able to send his or her request, which is then being received by the coordinator and is assigned to an advisor or specialist.

NEST -  2014 3 22
This Saturday we held a very successful national conference with he involvemnet of ECEC professionals. Thanks for all the participants for the valuable event!

STAY IN -  2014 3 11
The pliot has started at BME and the most recent newsletter is out! Read the newsletter!
I TUTOR -  2013 12 12
The Intelligent Tutoring for Lifelong Learning – I-TUTOR project published its third newsletter with the announcement of the I-TUTOR pluugin! The developed plugin is applied and tested in Moodle but it is suitable in other open source learning environments as well. It monitors, tracks, analyzes and gives formative assessment and feedback to students within the learning environment while giving input to tutors and teachers involved in distance learning to enhance their role during the process of teaching. It available to download for free with User Manual available in English, Italian, Greek and Hungarian. Read newsletter HERE.
I TUTOR -  2013 11 06
The intelligent tutoring project is successfully closing: the final conference is to be held next week in Italy. The outcomes of the project are already subject of great interest.
NEST -  2013 09 10
Recent outcomes of the early childhood education and care project is available at: The stakeholders can join the community at the website, where they can find interesting resources and vivid discussions.
STAY IN: 2013 07 28
The consortium is now accomplished the research delivereable.
STAY IN: project meeting 2013 05 23-24
We would like to welcome our partners to Budapest!
STAY IN: new project funded by EACEA - 2012 fall
The Center of Learning Innovation and Adult Learning with the coordinator of a previous project, University of Macareta won a projcet: STAY IN - Student Guidance at University for Inclusion. The work is to start from the 1st of October, 2012.
New project funded by EACEA - 2011 11 30
The Center of Learning Innovation and Adult Learning won funding for a new intersting projects: I TUTOR - Intelligent Tutoring for Lifelong Learning, the coordinator institute is one of our Italian partners, the University of Macerata.
Two new projects funded by EACEA - 2011 08 23
The selection results from the European Commission have came out recenty and the Center of Learning Innovation and Adult Learning won funding for two new intersting projects: one coodinated by the University of Erlangen: 'Network of Staff and Teachers in childcare services', the other is: 'REVIVE VET' coordinated by Vytaautas Magnus University. The projcets are supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme.
Green Department Label - 2011 04 12
The Centre received the 'Green Department Label' from the Rector of the univerisy at an awarding ceremony held this week. We are proud to run an evironment friendly office.

BME Zöld Tanszék Minosítés

CONCEDE project meeting - 2011 04 05-06
A successful project meeting on user generated content research has been recently held in Plymouth, England. The project outcomes are shared via the website:
Hungarian success story is on-line.
GRACE project launch
New project is starting in October 2010 with the title 'Generating Research projects through interaction between ACademia and Enterprises', the coordinator institute of the EACEA - LLP project is the University of Napoli.
EDEN conference Valencia 2010 - 2010.06.03
The centre is preparing for the EDEN conference 2010 which is being held next week in Valencia from June 8-12. Within the framework of the conference both Hextlearn and Revive projects are organising workshops and project meetings.
The fifth Hextlearn newletter has been launched - 2010.05.27
Hextlearn newsletter5
The fourth Hextlearn newletter and the second press release on web community has been launched - 2010.03.26.
Hextlearn newsletter4
Hextlearn press release
Uni-LO project launch
New project is starting in March 2010 with the title 'Promoting The EQF Learning Outcomes Approach Within European Universities', the coordinator institute of the EACEA - LLP project is the University of Granada.
The third Hextlearn newletter has been launched - 2009.09.22.
Hextlearn newsletter3
CONCEDE - new project
CONCEDE (CONtent Creation Excellence through Dialogue in Education) has been selected for funding by the European Commission's EACEA and starting 2009 October.
The second Hextlearn newletter has been launched - 2009.06.02.
Hextlearn newsletter2
The first Hextlearn newletter has been launched - 2009.03.16.
Hextlearn newsletter
REVIVE project - BUDAPEST meeting 9-10 March 2009
The second REVIVE project meeting was held in Budapest. The partnership dealt with issues concerning the harmonisation of pedagogical and technological methodology, together with engaging first hand exercises of social softwares and tools that will be used for project management and learning development purposes. Among other useful resources, the results of the iCamp project that was led by one of the project partners, the Centre for Social Innovation – ZSI) will most likely be one of the most lucrative information source on the use of social softwares in education.
A new publication: New Trends in Teacher Training
OIFK (Centre for Learning innovation and Adult learning) in cooperation with APPI (Applied Pedagogy and Psychology Institute) has recently published a new conference book 'New Trends in Teacher Training' in connection with the conference that was held in November, in Budapest. Co-author Andras Szucs, head of OIFK. >>
REVIVE project - kick-off meeting 26-27 November Kaunas
REVIVE project partners had the opportunity to meet personally, to revise the goals and tasks together. Partners introduced their trainings chosen for the project and presented the SWOT analyses. The next project meeting is to be held in Budapest, in March, 2009.
REVIVE project
REVIVE project seeks to contribute to European cooperation in QA focusing on defining QA factors in VET services. More specifically, the project aims at methodology application to ensure quality of VET curriculum at institutional level. The main goal of REVIVE project is to ensure the quality of VET services by reviewing and reviving existing VET Curriculum on the basis of innovative pedagogical and technological methodology. Project Partnership consists of highly experienced institutions, including pedagogical and technological methodology experts, transferring it from research and higher education to VET sectors (SMEs, social partners, adult learning network, as well as European and e-learning network (EDEN)).
Hextlearn project –PRESS RELEASE, Budapest, 31 January 2008
Quality, Higher Education and ICT. These are the keywords for a new European Union co-funded project started in this year in Budapest, Hungary. The representatives of eleven institutions from all over the continent and beyond held their new project's kick-off meeting on 14-15 January 2008. The three year long initiative is promoting quality in the strategic use of ICT in European Higher Education.  >>
Hextlearn project
After a very successful kick off meeting (held in Budapest JAN 14-15) the next partner meeting is to be held in April, in Brussels. The main goals had been well defined; the partners are enthusiastically looking forward to the partner collaboration.
Eldorado project
The First ElDorado Training Session took place in Palma de Mallorca on November 8-9th , 2007 within FUEIB premises. The next project meeting is going to be held in March, in Bucharest. The collaborative learning environment has been launched.
Sincere project
The Sincere conference in Brussels has been a great success in December. The next educational research conference is expected in Valencia this spring. As a result of the successful conference, the green paper is open to discussion.