D-TRANSFORM website launch

Launch of project website

The D-TRANSFORM project is a first attempt to set up a “University Leader Program” at the European level, addressed to university presidents and vice-presidents on the role of e-Education in shaping University strategies. It gathers together specialists of e-Education from various institutions (University, higher education ministries, consultancy in learning innovation, e-Education networks) and primarily considers that digital technologies, like Massive Open Online Courses, (MOOCs) and Open Educational Resources are an essential lever for transforming the higher education systems and adapting them to the new needs of youth and requirements of work-market (lifelong training).
D-TRANSFORM intends to produce recommendations on various aspects of a university strategy on the use of digital tools. Based on these recommendations, D-TRANSFORM will set up two “leadership schools”, dedicated, for the 1st time in Europe, to the university governances.
We are pleased to announce the launch of the official D-TRANSFORM website: http://www.dtransform.eu/

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